December 10, 2023

Gas Fireplace And Installation

There are different factors that figure out the particular electricity saved. The vented logs are likely to enjoy the closest resemblance to a genuine fire. In case you ever notice smoke from the open fireplace coming into the home, your blocked vents are the likely culprit. Fuel type is natural gas.

Gas Fireplace And Installation

They maintain a clearance of one to two inches between the fireplace device and any combustible content surrounding it. You don't have to have a taller fireplace, a chimney sweep or perhaps any of the issues that have been associated with older fireplaces. These artificial "logs" are actually connected to the natural gas line in your house.

Does a gas fireplace need a chimney? And other important questions about a direct vent gas

Vented gas logs offer an improved flame pattern than any form of fireplace coupled with the convenience of on-off controls to differ flame height. Although they are built of ceramic, ceramic fiber or concrete, they are intended to simulate real wood. You will find folks that goes beyond what's regular and normal.

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