July 21, 2024

Stone Fireplace Mantels And Hearths

All in all the antique mantel of yours is going to be overkill and will seem preposterous. If price tag is a problem making use of a recycled material would save an amazing amount of money. Watch out when purchasing from dealers. There are a couple antique hearth mantel dealers out there with an assortment of fireplace mantels.

Stone Fireplace Mantels And Hearths

On the flip side, wood fireplace mantels come in a huge range of styles and wood types. Solid wood is the more expensive of the two wooden choices, but laminate could be just as realistic while not costing a lot of money. You need not be restricted to wrought iron or maybe dark-gray candlesticks when applying black fireplace tools, screen and firewood holder.

A River Stone Fireplace Rocks!

Also known as a mantelpiece or perhaps chimney-piece, the open fireplace mantel has usually been an artistic element of a space while also providing practical substances such as protecting the surrounding area provided by fire damage. Creepy is not it? A fireplace mantel is a considerable component of the complete fireplace setup of a home.


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