May 21, 2024

Buy Fake Fireplace Mantel

However, there are factors that a variety of that a fireplace mantel is actually crucial. If you don't have a facing, skip people dimensions. You want your fireplace mantel to accent your open fireplace and combination with the space. And do not limit yourself to standard holiday greenery and aromas, including poinsettias and pine.

Buy Fake Fireplace Mantel

Right after determining to fit the fireplace in the corner, the next step will be to decide what type of mantel best suits the kitchen as well as individual style of the household. In case, for instance, the mantel has a bronze bowl, silver candlesticks will look really good on the mantel with a dark hearth screen as well as equipment.

Fireplace Decorating: July 2012

Fireplace mantel or just mantel, also known as fireplace surround, hood, or some other similar projection, usually ornamented, that surround the opening of an open fireplace that directs smokes to the fireplace flue originated in medieval times as being a hood that projected with a grate to catch the smoke. Cast stone mantels are often priced starting at seven 100 dollars.

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