July 24, 2024

Brick Arch Lintel Fireplace

Embodying the timeless allure of traditional masonry, a brick arch lintel fireplace emerges as a striking architectural centerpiece that seamlessly blends history and modernity. This captivating design element pays homage to the enduring craftsmanship of bygone eras, while simultaneously infusing a contemporary living space with a distinct sense of warmth and character. The graceful curve of the arched lintel, accentuated by the richly textured brickwork, creates a focal point that immediately draws the eye and ignites the imagination with visions of cozy evenings spent basking in the gentle glow of a crackling fire.

Brick Arch Lintel Fireplace

Figure out whether you want it colored, flecked with mica or perhaps adorned with river rocks before the concrete sets totally. The venue restrictions are almost non existent too – incredible brick fireplace models can be adapted for outside or inside of the home. These types are pre fabricated in a factory, than installed in a couple of simple steps.

Beautiful original fireplace I discovered in my 1935 property. Love the brick arch. Brick

As the title suggests they could be shifted outdoors and used to create heat during winter and snowfall. But in case you are saddled with a reddish brick fireplace, do not despair. The process used to bake bricks of a kiln affects the brick quality. Make the layout extend throughout the entire patio area to make a brick based theme. Many earlier homes have a brick hearth.

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